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The massive screen has multiple uses! Suitable for up to 14 persons - all whilst enjoying a drink and snacks in the warmth of the Seamill House Hotel. 

Playstation 4

Fifa 18 is ready to go! Control life sized players in an immersive experience. We have 2 controllers, but you can bring more and even your own games if you wish!


Bring along a DVD or Blu Ray to watch, cinema style! Our comfy seating and convenient bar means that you can enjoy your film in peace and quiet, without the rustling of bags, the glare of mobile phones or the ever-so-annoying kicking of the back of your seat!

Sporting Events

What's better than watching your favourite team on a big screen? Watching with 13 of your friends with an ice cold beer! If it's on Freeview or BT Sports, we can accommodate it!

Kids Parties

Plenty of space for kids to let off steam, take part in Princess Parties or pretty much anything you can think of!

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